The Iberian Gas Hub Project

The Iberian Gas Hub project, led by Sociedad  Bilbao Gas Hub, S.A., aims at developing a natural gas hub in the Iberian Peninsula in line with the South Gas Regional Initiative and the Gas Target Model and with the support of the regulatory institutions in Spain and Portugal.

The creation of a liquid natural gas hub in Spain and Portugal as the backbone institution of the wholesale Iberian natural gas and LNG markets will increase the efficiency of the natural gas sector in the Iberian Peninsula, foster wholesale and retail competition and facilitate the surveillance of the markets by the regulatory authorities.

Iberian Gas Hub, as exchange and hub operator, will offer market and logistic services along the entire natural gas forward curve (balancing and short-term markets and medium- and long-run transactions), across all infrastructures (LNG vessels and plants, transmission network and underground storage sites and interconnections) and through all trading venues (OTC and via an organized market).